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    Editing & Proofreading


    We have an editing service for any translation you are not entirely happy with or if you have had a document translated internally and would like to have it verified or make some improvements.

    We will work on improving the quality of the translation by fine tuning the terms and phrases used and by correcting anything that could be misleading.

    We will also compare the original source text to the target text to make sure there are no misinterpretations and that nothing has been left out.

    This is not to be confused with the editing and proofreading service which is part of any translation project we do for you, which is a guarantee of quality.


    Although this is already included in any translation we do for you, we can also verify any other translated documents you may be using to check for inconsistencies. This will guarantee the grammatical accuracy, spelling, terminology and continuity. We will also consider the style of the translation and improve on the overall clarity of the text.

    Whatever the language, this will be done by professional native speakers.

    You may want to use this service if a translation:

    • is destined for publication
    • hasn’t originally been done by a native speaker
    • just doesn’t feel right

    Lipstick applies as strict criteria to its proofreaders as to its translators: we only use experienced, native speakers in the target language. This kind of verification can therefore provide reassurance about the quality of a translated document when quality is important.

    These services are charged by the hour as this is the most cost efficient.

    For any further information or a detailed quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.


    In addition to these two services, Lipstick also has a fast and professional transcription service to convert the content of any existing audio/video recording into a written document.

    Working from DVDs or CDs, we can provide high quality renderings of advertisements, interviews and conferences or seminars and training sessions,

    If the document then requires translation, we will be only too pleased to help.  Both will be done by professional native speakers.

    We can supply the completed product by e-mail, on disk or simply as a hard copy by mail.  We will return the source material to you via a previously agreed secure method.  

    Sound files which are of good quality help us to provide the best possible result. You should provide audio CDs where possible with one CD or DVD per language so the transcribers can work on the project simultaneously.

    Cost depends on the language, the quality of the recording, the number of speakers involved, etc. These services are charged at an hourly rate because this is the most cost efficient.

    Our Editing & Proofreading as well as our Transcription services are available in any language.