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    Lipstick: A translation agency specialised in perfumery, cosmetics, beauty care and luxury goods

    Do you ever wonder why your perfume and cosmetic translations sometimes don’t seem quite right?  Or maybe don’t communicate your original concept as exactly as you would like them to?

    Perfume, cosmetics and luxury goods are a world of their own.  And there is nothing quite like hands-on experience to understand all its ins and outs.

    Knowing what’s involved in the development of a new product... what it takes to launch a new range ... what goes into the creation of a new perfume.

    And in addition to that, you need a passion for the subject and everything connected to it.

    We do what we know best. And that‘s our most valuable asset.

    Why choose us?

    Lipstick is the outcome of a long experience of marketing, advertising, public relations, translation and interpreting. 

    Over the years, we have worked with some of the most prestigious international companies. We began as part of their international marketing teams and then became their professional translators and interpreters.

    As a specialised agency, we can deliver translation solutions provided by experts in beauty, perfume, make up and skin care.

    Experts who will put your exact concept into the words of another language where nothing gets “lost in translation”.  Who will capture the essence of your brand and its image.

    An essential quality

    In addition to a passion for the subject as well as for the language itself, translations require a certain amount of creativity and excellent writing skills.  All our translators are:

    • experienced
    • professional 
    • native speakers

    to ensure the highest quality in everything they do for you.

    Right from the start, Lipstick filled a real need for translators who “spoke the language” of cosmetics and perfume and who really knew what they were talking about.

    And we have taken that a step further and so are able to also provide you with interpreters and voice over artists with the same professionalism and expertise.

    Quality is at the top of our list of essentials and our main objective is to give you that little bit extra in terms of:

    • expertise
    • customer service
    • and overall provide you with more than you expected

    We consider the relationship with our clients as crucial to our success. Our reputation is built around what we do for you.

    Our aim is to provide you with outstanding translation services with:

    • high standards of quality
    • projects that always meet even the most challenging deadlines                                                                                       
    • a name and reputation you can trust