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    Interpreting Services

    Lipstick can provide you with the total solution to your interpreting needs for:

    • conferences
    • business meetings
    • international shows
    • factory and company visits
    • seminars or technical training

    These fall into three main categories: simultaneous, ad-hoc and consecutive.


    This is the most formal, expensive and demanding of the three types. 

    In this case, the interpreter sits in a booth with headphones and speaks into a microphone. 

    As this requires intense concentration, they work in pairs, taking turns every 20 - 30 minutes.   


    This is appropriate for business meetings or visits where small groups are involved. No equipment is required and the information is simply passed on to each of the two parties.  

    This is the most informal type and also the most frequently requested.  


    This is where the speaker pauses every few minutes so the information can be relayed to the delegates.

    The aim of this is to keep the situation as informal and spontaneous as possible. 

    What we need to know

    To make sure we get the best available person for you, try and book as early as possible.

    Please provide us with information on the meeting's subject area and its purpose and where possible product brochures, web links and any background reading. Any material of this kind you can provide in advance will be a great help as it will help ensure the same specialised terminology is used.

    Let us know if the meeting also involves a major corporate presentation, medium-level business negotiations, contract talks, one-to-one discussions, etc. as well as:

    • when and where the event is taking place
    • how long the assignment lasts
    • what the topics for discussion are
    • how many delegates will be present

    Naturally, the venue and how to get to there is important. We always try to arrive some time before the meeting, but full directions are very much appreciated.  These can include information on the hotel or conference centre, parking, and in the case of large companies, the gate number or department to go to.

    Some information as to whether the interpreter will be needed to attend social events outside of the meeting or not or if the venue is just a conference room or an outside location will help on deciding the appropriate clothing.

    We can provide interpreting in most languages and we will always try and find suitable people as close to the venue as possible

    If travel arrangements are necessary, let us know if you would like us to handle these or whether you will take care of them.

    Rates are charged for on a half or full day basis of an eight-hour day.

    For any further information or a detailed quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.