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    Voice Over

    If you need a voice over to replace an existing soundtrack of a film, corporate video or advertisement with a professional recording foreign language version or with lip syncing, we can help you.  

    We have a data base of artists made up of experienced professional actors and broadcasters.   We have male and female artists covering all languages, dialects and accents, including English and American.  

    We can also provide you with samples.

    We will transcribe the original or translate the script if needed.

    • experienced script translators will make sure the foreign version fits into the time available
    • we will source voices to fit your requirements—male/female, young/old, deep/high pitched, authoritative/gentle, etc

    Rates are calculated by the hour (plus any travel costs) and depend on the language or languages involved. We have an hourly rate, which varies according to the language involved and whether lip synching is required.

    To book one of our artists just pick up the phone and let us know what you need.

    For further information about our voice over service, you can always send us a message. Someone will always be on hand to advise you.

    We are very much aware of the importance of localising your message or product, and that the key to this is effective communication.

    We can provide dubbing and subtitling services for:

    • corporate or marketing videos
    • audio/visual presentations
    • soundtracks
    • podcasts
    • audio books
    • DVDs
    • voice prompts for automated telephone systems

    We have been providing language services to a wide range of international clients for many years, and our translators and interpreters all have the experience and qualifications to provide you with fluent, accurate and expert translation and interpreting.

    From start to finish

    We can offer you a complete service when dealing with your voice over needs, from the original audio material in the source language to the finished product in the target language.

    Our skilled voice-over specialists will provide you with a product that fully conveys your original message, using all the nuances and expressions of each specific language

    And if you're really in a hurry...

    We also provide another formula which bypasses booking a studio, travel arrangements, etc. in the case when you only need a simple foreign voice over recording.

    If you tell us what you need in terms of voice (age, nationality, accent, etc.) we will provide you with samples so you can choose exactly the person you need. 

    We will then arrange for the recording to be done in a studio and send you a sound file directly over the internet.